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Controlling LCDs with Basic Stamp

The most commonly found and inexpensive type of LCD is the alphanumeric ones with HD44780(Hitachi) compatible controller. They come in many shapes : 1x8, 2x8, 1x16, 1x20, 2x20, 4x20, 1x40, 2x40, ect.

The following links on LCD control by Basic Stamps are informative :

       2x16 Parallel LCD by Parallax

       The Nuts and Volts of Basic Stamps Column # 77 by Jon Williams

       The Nuts and Volts of Basic Stamps Column # 32 by Jon Williams

Jon Williams in Nuts and Volts Column # 77 discussing "COOL Digits" hints at the idea of creating larger graphics by assigning four characters to a 2x2 region and by downloading all four characters at once, change the entire region, giving quasi-graphic capabilities.

I have taken that hint and the following code does exactly that.

Since LCD can only accomodate eight custom characters, only two digits may be displayed.
I have used a 2x8 LCD and the same interface given by Jon Williams in Figure 77.2

Jumbo Digits

PBasic Code for Jumbo Digits :   



Graphics LCD

The limitations of alphanumeric LCDs are obvious from the above image. An alphanumeric LCD screen is divided into clusters of 5x8 pixels with vertical and horizontal gutters in between. The gutters, which contain no pixels, seperate the individual characters and lines of the display.

The solution : Graphics LCD

22x32 pixel Digits - Graphics LCD

Below you will find the PBasic code for these digits. The code also includes EEPROM data for standart ASCII cracters 32 through 127 and routines for font resizing. It offers display in four text sizes ranging from 6x8 pixels to 12x16 pixels.

I have used a 128x64 graphics LCD with a KS0107/KS0108 controller set.


PBasic Code for Graphics LCD Display Demo :   



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Last updated on February 15,2008

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